Sunday, November 2, 2008


Just some's that time of year. Have you been lucky enough to enjoy some good weather in your neck of the woods? We have been blessed with sunshine and temps in the high 50's and 60's, unusual this late in the season.

This is a shot of Tom and I taken up in Gwinn. It was Evelyn's baptismal day. As you can see the weather in the UP was beautiful, as were the colors!

The weather here for Tuesday, November 4th, voting day, promises to be good. High of 65 and sunshine. That may help those who have to stand in long lines. Tom and I have reached the age of absentee ballots. It may be one of the few "good" things about these latter years. Somehow somethings haven't been panning out as advertised. I think we spend more time in Dr. offices than I care to think about. It wasn't what I had in mind.

Regardless of who you are voting for, please VOTE. Most of you know who my candidate is. We really do need a change but more importantly I think as a people we need hope. This is the most interested and excited I have ever felt about an election. I have become a CNN junkie. Tom can't stand my obsession. He said if I ever criticize him again for watching reruns he really going to give it to me. He thinks CNN is nothing but reruns now too.

The economy has my attention too. Deciding to retire this year and then have the bottom falling out of my 403B has not helped my piece of mind. I've finally got myself calmed. I've made some new decisions about investing and I'm educating myself about it too. I'm starting out with the BASICS...Investing for Dummies. I guess it's about time I take some personal responsibility for my money. Money has always scared me. I lived for years believing I didn't have enough. Somehow(God's care?) I always managed. The kids and I had a roof over our heads, furniture to sit on, food on our table(though small portions, which was probably healthier) and medical insurance. I really never had a plan when I was
younger, I just skated along. I guess I did okay. Now here it is all these years later and guess what? There was a plan I just didn't call it that. Now my fear is about loosing what I didn't think I had enough of. So, I'm doing what a lot of people are doing. I am being more careful. I am planning meals, planning driving trips, conserving, remembering my charities and being Thankful. For I have everything I need and then some. There are so many people having it really hard right now. I think we all need to remember that and lend a hand were we can.

So enjoy the tail end of this beautiful weather, VOTE, and lend a hand to the guy next to you. Tomorrow someone may be lending you theirs.

Until next time....always, Kathleen

This last photo makes me think of how it feels to " in the palm of HIS hand."

I've had a few occassions to feel that comfort, it is real.
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