Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sometimes I wonder, what is going on with me? This winter has found me such a different place than usual. Sometimes, I've been concerned about it. Most of the time, I've said, what the heck, go with the flow. And now suddenly all the sometimes have come together and I think I know where I've the Present. Yep, more often than not. I find this quite incredible.

The season has found me sorting through emotions and attachments....and not very consciously. It seems being in the moment, just enjoying, has allowed some better part of me to make some decisions I otherwise would have been wrestling with. The months have passed and I've found myself not "doing" as I usually do. For a better part of my life, I've been a gal with a list, a task to be done, a problem to be tackled. I think I dropped my "to do" list in Toledo on the way down here.

Tom and I have pretty much decided to work on getting our house on the market. Neither of us feels we need all the "stuff" we have. We feel no rush to buy another place.
We'll likely sell our "stuff", donate, give to the family. Then we'll stay at our Cottage for summer and rent in Naples for the winter. Doesn't that sound like a simpler life? With the new found freedom and the cut in expenses, I can fly to see Lara, Brian and Evelyn more often. I can bunk with Ann and David & Becka for a few day visit(if they agree). I'll have more time to "Be" and less to "Do".

I pretty much feel like the pictures I've included. Peaceful and happy.

Until next time....Always, Kathleen

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How Did This Happen?

Grandma and Evelyn in the pool

Sunset at Naples Pier Beach

Evelyn(in stroller)seeing Grandma and Grandpa for the first time on arrival

Video of Evelyn shelling at the beach

These photos are a little out of sinc. This was the first time I loaded a video and I found it a bit of a challenge.

We had a wonderful visit over the last week. Evelyn entertained us all. She is an absolute delight. Her Mom and Dad are doing a wonderful job with her. She is by nature and I believe a lot of nurture a very happy child. She has as much love to give as she receives. More later, don't want to loose this video.

Until next time......Always, Kathleen