Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's Not to Love?

Mom(Lara), Dad(Brian) and Evelyn on her Christening Day. Dress made by Grandma Rice.

Bath time is a happy time!

Watching CNN(can you tell?)

Out for a stroll with Grandma "P"

Here are some recent shots of "Miss Evelyn". Tom and I were able to spend a week in her company. It was wonderful. She is a happy and very content baby. Seldom cries, often smiles and laughs. I know she is my Grandchild and you may think I am a bit partial, but seriously, what's not to love? Isn't she beautiful?

Lara has been back to work for almost 3 weeks now. She and Brian hate leaving Evelyn, but she is in the very loving and capable care of Grandma and Grandpa Rice. How lucky could she and them be? No worries about whether or not her needs are being meant. Shirley(Grandma Rice) has been sending me photos of Evelyn a couple of times this week...just to help me with the pain of withdrawal.

I feel bad that we live so far apart. It will be a challenge to develop and maintain a relationship with Evelyn from so far away. There is nothing like frequent and close contact to have that specialness develop. But, I am here, and she is there and that is the reality. Just tonight Tom and I were out to dinner and I watched a toddler interacting with her Grandma. It made me sad to know that those times ,though possible for us, will be infrequent. I will probably only get to see her two or three times during that period of her life.
I only hope that as she gets older we really will have scheduled times with our web cams. Lara and I have done web cam calls about three times. Evelyn is still too little to understand, that the person on that screen(who looks a little blurry) singing that "zoo" song, is none other than her Grandma "P".

So for now I have to settle for the visits I can manage and hope they will be enough to form a connection that will last over the many years to come.

Until next time....always, Kathleen

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