Friday, September 25, 2009

Well, here I am in Gwinn, being entertained on a daily basis. Upon arrival I was greeted with one of those, "Hey I know you, but I don't know where from" looks. But after I began to sing the Zoo Song, there was immediate recognition. Arms went out and soon, hugs, kisses and giggles where freely being shared.

The first day I wrote in my journal I noted that the days of sitting and holding and rocking, my Evelyn Meditation, where over. But I have had to edit that remark, because I realize she is now a Meditation in Motion. She forces me to sit and observe her antics, or to quietly read a book, or pretend I am drinking from a cup or to chase her until she is hysterical with giggles. She loves my imitations and songs I make up as we go along. She loves to dance and has quit the rhythm.
She brings out the child in me and the nurturer too. She is just all around good tonic.

The weather has been incredibly beautiful. Better than what everyone downstate has been describing. Every day it has reached the 70s with fall blue skies and a few puffy clouds. My flight up was fast and uneventful. The sky clear and the views over the lakes beautiful. The color changes have barely started. The season is a good three weeks behind.

That's it for now. She's napping, time for Grandma to shower and get dressed!

Until next time....Always, Kathleen

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