Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here we are, midway through summer. How did this happen? My days start and end with a blink of the eye. Each day is full of new wonder and so much appreciation for all the blessings in my life. I have finally reached a spot where I am just so comfortable and content. I never imagined I could feel so complete, but I do.

Tom and I are making decisions that are changing a lot about our lives. We are in many ways living more simply. It takes very little to make us happy. We are content in the company of one another as we step along our life path. We sit in quiet in quiet of morning as we share our slow paced breakfast. Our breakfast feels like dinner in Italy. We can drag out fruit, cereal and toast as if it were a seven course meal. All while reading the little that there is in the morning paper.
We are spending more and more time at our cottage in Amherstburg, Canada. I sleep like a log there and feel no particular rush to do anything. Slowly I am working at making it more of a home. Landscaping is taking hold and flowers now deck the porches. Our picnic table is out on the pavers, a welcome spot that hasn't seen the outdoor light in at least 5 years. Sunsets and cloud watching have become a pastime. The sky is an ever changing thing on the Great Lakes, our home being on Lake Erie.

We've managed to tuck in visits with Evelyn and our big kids in the UP. In fact they are coming here in just two more weeks. And then, we are going there just two weeks later. How great to be free to pick up and go when we feel like it. We do more and more of that as we get older. Reminding each other that we should do it now, while we still can.

Evelyn has brought so much joy to our lives. She just turned two on July 2nd and had a great family party. She is beautiful, bright, bouncing,
and every other wonderful adjective you can think of. She is sheer entertainment and has the humor that is indicative of our family.

Well more about Evelyn's Birthday and her antics on another day.

I'm still here, still living my life, still searching, but think I may have found myself.

Until next time......Always, Kathleen

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