Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chapter 5

It is difficult to believe that in the beginning of August, I was unsure if I could get our house on McMillan listed this summer.
The house made the Multi-Listing by 8/18 and was sold by 8/27.
My earlier trepidation has now turned to excitement as we learned this morning that our offer on 3502 Country Club Drive has been accepted.

The pictures posted are limited views of what we think is a terrific place. I will post more pictures after I finish writing.

We should be able to be in our new home about 4 weeks before we leave for Florida. The work we want to do is cosmetic in nature. It will be a wonderful feeling to be able to turn a key and walk away to spend 5 wonderful months in Florida. We will return to a new adventure.

We are going to take some of our favorite pieces of furniture with us. We'll be replacing couches and chairs for a whole new look. We'll keep you updated as Chapter 5 develops. Wish us well and please plan on visiting. We will have the room and a pool!

Until next time, as always........Kathleen

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