Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Visit with Evelyn

Lions and Tiger and Bears...oh boy! A Grandpa Smooch

Sharing a Giggle

Pucker Up!

Has it really been over a month since I've blogged. I guess that shows the

difference in available free time between

Florida and Michigan.

We arrived home on Saturday 4/4/09 and one hour after our arrival, this little pumpkin showed up at my door. We had five wonderful days together.

Evelyn now knows more about her zany Grandma. She heard me sing our "Zoo Song" at least 6 times each day she was here. Now I call and have Lara put me on speaker phone so she will continue to hear my voice and know "our song". After the first few words she bounces on her parents laps, or on the floor or in her chair. She claps too. She likes "our song". We visited the zoo while she was here and it will become a part of many more visits to Grandma's house. She now owns a pink baseball cap that says "Detroit Zoo" and her own divided plate and a bowl stating the same and decorated with numerous zoo animals.

I also taught her how much fun it is to sing and dance and twirl in Grandma's arms. She laughed, actually giggled and had me short of breath. What aerobic exercise I would get having this child around me on a more regular basis. I will do anything to make her smile and hear her laugh. Ask the grownup kids how their Mother acted at the Zoo. Zany!

And of course, Grandpa got his kisses in. It's such fun to watch Tom so delighted to win a smile or a vocal response from her. They had their cuddle time in Grandpa's chair and she passed him a crumpled sheet of paper...back and forth, back and forth.

What a delight she is.

Until next time....always, Kathleen

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