Friday, February 19, 2010


Barb and Ann

David and Me

David and Becka

"Miss Kathy" and Cammie

Well here I am finally! Missing in action since the 1st of January. Wondering where I've been?
Me too! Being a firm believer in the "I am exactly where I am supposed to be", I continue on this life journey a little less centered and reflective. I guess it was that confusing round about I turned on awhile back. I've been meandering along, no particular destination in mind....faltering from time to time and of course falling for the tricks my EGO is so skilled at playing on me. But somehow that better part of me could see what was going on. I have since turned back and am retracing my steps. Looking for the round about and seeing if I can find a better route to follow.

Beginning Ash Wednesday, I am walking alone again. I find I need the quiet time to allow me to spend time with my other man...Eckhart Tolle. Don't worry, Tom knows all about him! I have listened and re listened to his book "A New Earth" and find it such a wonderful tool to help me live my life in a way that brings out my better self. I marvel at how many ways there are in this world to find God in our lives. Wouldn't it be great if organized religions could figure this out? My way is not necessarily your way, but at the end perhaps we are in the same place.

The weather here is still cool. Nearly half our time is gone and we have spent so little time outdoors. Of course we still have sun and most days blue skies, but the wind and temperature leaves a lot to be desired. Tomorrow is supposed to bring warmer temps.

We've had quite a few visitors already. Tim(Tom's son) was here, Ann came and David and Becka just left. My cousin Barb came for a weekend and we laughed till it hurt. We are alone for a month now and will enjoy our time together. Kathy McDonald is due in a month and then Lara, Brian and Evelyn for Easter week. I've attached a few pictures. I've taken few which is a reflection of the inside activities. Hope to be more active on my blog site. Internet access is intermittent so that is one of my excuses.

Until next time......Always, Kathleen

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