Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Tom

My Dearest Tom,

Happy Birthday! This is the first one we've spent apart in twenty-six years. I can't imagine not having you here to celebrate. Birthdays, your favorite thing. It was always so important to you to celebrate on THE day. Not just your birthday, but every one's in the family.

Remember all the Mystery Trips we used to take for our Birthdays? Each of us trying to outdo the other. Taking such pleasure in surprising each other. Planning for months in advance. You driving blindly as I directed you on which highway to take and where to turn. I packed picnic lunches surprising you each time with my creativity. You loved how I fussed over you and made your day so special.

Remember this birthday? You shared it with Evelyn. It was her 1st and your 77th! You didn't mind sharing with her at all, and by the looks of it, she didn't mind sharing with you either, although the hat fit her much better. This was a birthday that brought our families together to celebrate. We had everyone there. As I recall you had a couple of different kinds of cupcakes that day.

Today will be a little different. I will come to be with you. I will remember your day. It will be THE day. I'll bring you a surprise because that's what we do. I will miss you some more. I will thank
God for sending you to me. I will thank God for taking you so gently. I will ask God to show you a Mystery on this your day. I love you Tom and I wish you were here.

Until next time.....Always, Kathleen

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frenzykat said...

You and he are very lucky to have eachother. I know you don't have him in body, but you do have him in spirit.
I hope he surprises you with a little sunset tonight.