Saturday, January 24, 2009

Morning Walks in Florida

These are a few of the views I see in the morning when I walk in Florida. There is a great park just a little way from the condo, called Sugden Park. It has a lake, a sandy beach and a great walking path that goes for 1.5 miles. The mornings have been beautiful. I try and walk before 8am to avoid getting to warm.
A family of ducks taking a swim.

A man made beach which seems to be underused!

An evening view at the Lake

Florida is where I was meant to be this winter. I have met some nice people. I have begun to master the art of doing nothing. I have found(or been given) books to read that reinforce the things I hold deeply within myself but often forget. I am healing from the inside out from sad things that have touched my life in the past couple of years. I am learning to let go of outcomes I have no control over. I am beginning to get comfortable and to recognize the feeling of PEACE!

Until next time....always, Kathleen
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