Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grandma and Evelyn

Thought I would add a couple of pictures of me and my girl. I finally get to know what being a Grandmother feels like. No one could ever have explained it. I'm a little surprised at how "in love" I am. One of my old friends commented that there is nothing like a baby to change even the crustiest among us to mush. Well, that would be me. Surely you can see how special this baby is. I hate being so far away from her. Our visits are going to be further apart than I would like but at least they are possible. She is growing quickly. She's doubled her birth weight.

Here we are on my front porch. Evelyn came to visit in mid August for a week. We spent every morning on my front porch. I have a wicker chaise and she would lie on it and watch the leaves and the sunlight shining through.
This particular picture is me singing "our song". I've made up a silly, rhyming song that she truly seems to recognize. I haven't gotten past the first verse. It is a work in progress. I better get busy, our next visit is only a couple of weeks away. She seems to be my inspiration though, so maybe the rest will have to wait until I'm with her again.
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