Monday, September 15, 2008

Last of our cottage

Okay, this is it! The last of the pictures, but you know what I just realized? You are going to see these all backwards!! My explanation is at the end...four more pieces down. So just so you aren't confused; I wanted to share pictures of our cottage and some of the views outside. I told you I am still learning this process!!

This is one half of the living room. I know it came out dark, it's the best I could do.
Our new recliner chair. I get first dibs because it was my idea. Besides, I go to bed early. Tom gets lots of time in it after I say good night.
Fire place end. Hope you can see it.
End with the couch(with you know who sitting on it). Oh, you won't get that until the next page. My wit is wasted! This is the TV end of things.
Maybe I've figured a way to make this the last of the posts, we'll see!

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