Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Cottage...continued

This is the actual cottage. Small and simple but a world away. We are one mile off the highway. We can't hear any road noise. We hear waves, wind and the ticking of a clock. Well, that is if the TV isn't on, with the volume way up! We have a year round porch, a living room with fire place, a nice kitchen, full bath, 2 bedrooms and a laundry room. Easy to keep clean. Comfortable, homey, but nothing fancy. It is a great place to simply be.

This is the table we eat our 2 hour breakfast at. That's our favorite meal of the day. No it really isn't that full of food, we just like to stretch it out. Morning paper, fruit and coffee and eventually eggs or cereal. I know you can't see much of a view, it was pouring rain on Saturday when I took these.
Comfy couch that opens to a 3/4 size bed. That's where I read and nap, read and nap. I think I nap more than I read. That's our neighbors house you see. Their names are Bob and Bobbie. They are the greatest. They live in Rochester Hills, Michigan. She is a nurse too. They bought their place about 7 years ago. They totally gutted it and it's great. We eat dinner together a lot. We cook on our grill and eat at their house. They have a great dining area.

Here's Tom reading in the gliding rocker. Great place to be in a rain storm.
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