Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Cottage

I'm not sure how this is going to come out. I wanted to post pictures of our cottage. I think I may have selected too many for one posting. Anyway this is a start. These are some pictures I've taken at our cottage. The first two, the sunsets was taken about two years ago. It was a crisp fall day. We had an unusual wind and the waves moved away from the shore rather than into the shore. We ended up with about 4-5 feet of beach. Normally we don't have a beach. The south shoreline of Lake Erie is generally rocky. Well, at least where there are homes and cottages.
I couldn't get over how beautiful the clouds were. They were amazingly pink/red, reflecting the setting sun. One of those days when you look at what is around you and know there has to be a God

This is the park that is two houses away from us. It is called Holiday Beach and it is a Provincial Park. It has a sandy beach(in spite of what I just said above). We can enter the park through a gate that is at the end of our road. We can walk the beach or the paths. Holiday Beach also has a very large bird watch tower. The area is the migratory path for birds and butterflies as they head south. Sometime in September the Audubon Society sets up and does banding(of butterflies if you can believe that!) and they record what types of birds fly over. There are some American Eagles, lots of falcons and other birds of prey. The park also has overnight camping and day sites available.
This is a view from the tower. This is part of the wetlands. About 8 years ago this was all water. The low lake levels have allowed reeds and grasses to grow and cover much of the area. We often see deer along the highway and in the park.

Today as we were heading home we saw 8 wild turkeys cross Highway 50. We had to stop the car so they could all get across the road. It appeared to be a family. Some of the turkeys were small. First turkey siting for me in these parts. (See Shirley, the UP doesn't have all the wildlife!)
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