Monday, September 15, 2008

More Cottage

This is the view (part of it) from the kitchen window. Not bad if you have to be doing dishes! It was still rainy out. This is facing west. Unfortunately, I can't see the setting sun, Bobbie gets that view from her kitchen window. They have a million dollar view. They are right next to Holiday Beach....they can see straight down the beach and the sunsets are incredible. That's another reason we eat dinner at their house.

This is my kitchen. It used to be a tiny room that only one person could work in. Now we've knocked out a wall and expanded it to go the width of the house. Come to think about it, there still is only one person who cooks in it! Well, at least most of the time.
This is the other end of the kitchen. It's got some counter space and cupboards, but best of all it has a computer.
That's where I write everyone from. Okay, it's only got dial up but still....I can keep in touch. I found out I can't do my blog from there. None of the pictures showed up. All that came through were those empty boxes with red x s in them! I had to delete an entire piece I did on my brother Leo and his wife Lynn's visit 3 years ago. Always learning....

This is my view from the kitchen. See the window to the left of the door? There is a couch there. Guess who is usually sitting on the couch while the one person is cooking? You guessed it!
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