Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Beginning

Well, this is a first...blogging! Who'd of thought? My daughter-in-law Becka thought this would be a great thing for me. She never really explained why. Maybe because I am such a talker and teller of stories.

Deep within lies an unrealized writer. Truly a dream I had in grade 10. But instead I became a wife, a Mother, a nurse...a friend. Oh, I almost forgot, a spiritual seeker.

Anyway, I'm going to give this a shot. I may invite just a few close friends to look in the beginning. It may be a way to help me wade through those bumps in life. Often writing helps me to figure out where I am in this life drama of mine. I've kept a journal for over 25 years. Have them all. Wait till I die! I can see my kids now perusing the pages and wondering why they never knew that about me. Wish my Mom had written. She did a little and it took me by surprise to see that softer side of her. Maybe I'll show you mine.

Until next time...always, Kathleen

1 comment:

Becka & David Clifton said...

Not just the beginning, but I imagine a the start of some wonderful sharing. It is more public than your journal, but at the same time there is an unusual balance between public and private in your blogging. I hope you enjoy!

Personally, I am soooo excited that you've embraced this technology, and will share so much of what is going on in your life through your blog!